J.O.E 环保联盟 | J.O.E Eco Alliance

联盟宗旨 Objective


We strive to pursuit a better life. The journey to success reflects our core values and it is achieved through our perseverance and our choice to adopt a simpler and healthier lifestyle. Through our dedicated humanistic effort, J.O.E Eco Alliance actively calls for change in people’s mindset and lifestyle, to improve on the standards of living and the state of natural environment, and to create an exceptional living condition for our future generations.

联盟使命 Mission


J.O.E. Eco Alliance aims to foster the importance of environmental awareness and promote simple lifestyle through social media and activities. We pass on the knowledge and encourage people to practise environmental protection effectively and rationally. We also assist with government initiatives to engage with businesses and private sector for greater environmental efforts.

联盟愿景 Vision


J.O.E Eco Alliance and its visionary partners envisage a greener Singapore with the introduction of legislative support for environmental protection. Residents conscientiously take care of the living space and progressively becoming healthier and paying more dedication towards the environment and the nation. We should leverage on the past achievements, continue to improve and prosper, for a brighter future.